• 1. What is a Personal Assistant?

    Busy professionals who are trying to manage hectic lifestyles can transform their quality of life with the services of a Personal Assistant. Personal Assistant services enable our clients to shift errands, personal responsibilities and business support to us so that they can enjoy more of that rare commodity: free time.

    We are the solution for a healthy work - life balance. We can advise and help you arrange, plan or organize anything that you do not have the time or the patience to do yourself. We are a personal assistant, personal shopper, consultant, errand runner and event planner, and are capable of handling a wide array of tasks.

    Quarter Master puts unlimited service at your fingertips. This service level combines the convenience of online order placement with the personalized touch of a dedicated and capable Personal Assistant.

  • 2. What services are you providing?

    Our services are everything on your to-do list which may be tedious tasks or more complex arrangements, including but not limited to: procuring rare items, curating experiences, difficult repairs and replacements, home renovations, party planning, dry cleaning, pet sitting /walking, tickets to events, sourcing staff or private tutors...

    As long as your request is ethical and legal, our errand services offer unlimited options to make sure you get everything done so you can lead a more easy and fulfilling life.

  • 3. How do I sign up?

    To become a member, kindly click on the SIGN UP TODAY button on the side of the https://quartermaster.vn/pricing/ page, and a representative will get in touch with you shortly.

    If you wish to enjoy our services from time to time, simply message us directly at this link: http://m.me/qmvietnamhospitality and please note you will be charged with a Non-Member One-Time Request Fee, defined in question #15.

  • 4. Is your service available 24/7?

    We operate daily from 09:00 until 21:00, but that does not mean we are not able to assist you at any given time.. At Quarter Master, we take our customers’ experiences and satisfaction seriously. Therefore, feel free to contact us beyond those operating hours if you have urgent requests.

  • 5. What kind of requests are in Quarter Master’s expertise?


    Quarter Master understands maintaining your home and assets is a priority and it is not always easy to find reliable contractors & specialists. We have carefully selected the best contractors & maintenance solutions companies to ensure your home and possessions are always in the best working order


    We promise that all your procurement needs will be met. Our professional team will source whatever you seek, at the best price, of the highest quality, and delivered to your doorstep as soon as humanly possible. From finding luxury timepieces to simply a rare book for your loved one, we scour the nation and the world to find what you are looking for


    Whether it’s a surprise anniversary, birthday party, luxury event or a private function in the comfort of your home, our team has a combined experience of 10 years to create unique experiences for any occasion. Let us design and execute your next event so that it not only leaves an impression, it makes a bold statement.


    For an authentic Saigon experience, you can count on us. Our Team will assist you in navigating the best this city has to offer. We pride ourselves in the extensive database that has been cultivated for the past 20 years of the modern Saigon. We will guide you to the hole-in-wall street food, to the hot spots, and every hidden gem that was not familiar to you before.


    At Quarter Master we understand the needs of having quality care for those we trust and surround our loved ones with. Our focus is on making the process of searching and hiring high-quality care with ease and hassle free. Our domestic staff recruitment specializes in nannies, nurses, drivers, maids, butlers, private chefs and general hourly staff.


    Whether you’re an established business, or a growing start-up, we have the capacity to support your back-end with legal, hr, financial, administrative, document notarization, licenses, all the time-consuming processes that can be addressed timely while you attend to what matters most for your business.

  • 6. How may I submit a service request?

    Our registered clients will have assigned Quarter Masters to attend to their needs through preferred social media chat applications.

    If you wish to enjoy our services from time to time, simply message us directly at this link: http://m.me/qmvietnamhospitality and please note you will be charged with a Non-Member One-Time Request Fee.

  • 7. May I cancel requests ?

    Yes of course, our team usually begins to expedite a request within 10 minutes of receiving them.

    If our team has only begun processing or has not fully completed the requests (ie: we have sent your requirements to the supplier but they have not responded or sent quotations), and you decide to cancel, it will not be counted as a used request.

    Do not worry, we are honest and flexible about our progress, if there are applicable fees that we have paid in advance after your approval, those cannot be refunded. Every supplier has different policies so we will always do our best to protect your interests.

    Please note: the base fee is non-refundable for any Non-Member requests that are eventually not possible to fulfill, due to weather or supplier limitation reasons within the allotted time frame.

  • 8. How do surcharges and handling fees work?

    Our monthly retainer is for unlimited access to our services, but there are people who opt for non-member base fees.

    Some requests are very time-consuming or require multiple steps to complete, these requests are subject to surcharges or handling fees on top of the monthly retainer or replacing the non-member base fee, as follows:

    - 5% handling fee for advance amount approved by you in urgent cases for you to remit payment within 14 days of delivery.

    - *2% item selling commission - when we sell anything for you, we have a commission for facilitating.

    - 10% project management fee - please refer to what is defined as a project in question #8.

    - 30% recruitment fee of the first month’s gross salary but with a probation period of 14 days.

    - 300.000VND express fee is applied for urgent requests expected within the day.

    Please note: the base fee is non-refundable for any Non-Member requests that are eventually not possible to fulfill, due to weather or supplier limitation reasons within the allotted time frame.

  • 9. Are materials, products and additional services included in your service fee?

    Unfortunately not. The client is responsible for paying all incidental and additional charges according to their requests.

    For example: When a client wishes to fix anything in their home and the contractor charges an inspection or evaluation fee, these are not included in our service fees. We are merely the facilitator by arranging or managing them on your behalf.

  • 10. How will I know what the additional service charges are?

    Kindly be assured we will always need your approval before proceeding with any of your requests, you are involved every step of the way from delegating to completion, if there are any changes from suppliers or vendors, you will be notified immediately for your advise.

  • 11. Do I need to be a Member to use your services? What is the difference between a Member and a Non-member?

    We accept requests from non-members who would like to try out the service or only have a few requests needed from time to time, a 200.000VND base fee OR applicable surcharges will be charged, whichever is the higher amount.

    However, full members receive distinct exclusive benefits such as: assigned Quarter Masters who become your friends, priority fulfillment, we save your requests history so you never need to repeat yourself, and best of all: unlimited requests.

  • 12. Are services transferable to family members or friends?

    Unfortunately we will only service the assigned phone numbers we have registered into our database. Clients may have requests on behalf of their family members or friends.

  • 13. What method of payments are accepted and how do we pay for incidental and advanced payments?

    Currently we accept bank transfers or cash.

  • 14. If I want to terminate a contract early, can I get a refund?

    Our client satisfaction is above all, at anytime you would like to cancel, it is your right to terminate our contract for an agreed-upon refund.

    If either party breaches a contract or issues arise, we will negotiate a fair settlement based on the given circumstances.