Tháng Chín

Jameel Somji

A HUGE thank you to our trusted Quarter Master Team (our family). Without your support and guidance, we would not have been able to pull off our last minute trip for our baby to see his grandparents for the first time in Canada.
During the lockdown, QM assisted us in getting an emergency passport and exit visa for my 1 year old son within 2 weeks. That’s a very difficult ask to complete without a lockdown. Here’s how they helped:
-Arranging a passport photo to be taken of my son
-Translating a Vietnamese birth certificate into English and getting it notarized
-Working with Vietnamese immigration office to issue an exit visa (last minute)
-Filling out the application and the multitude of forms to get the exit visa
-Working with my HR department to get additional documents needed for the exit visa.
-Arranging PCR covid tests
-Arranging private transportation to and from the airport, Canadian consulate, covid test location in D2.
-Pick up and delivery of exit visa when grab delivery wasn’t and bike was not available.
-Plus much much much much more!!!
They are fast, transparent, very creative, professional, reliable, friendly and excellent communicators in both Vietnamese and English.
When you ask for help, they provide multiple options to choose from and work with you to find the option that works best for you.
We recommend QM with all our heart!
We have been using QM for almost one year now and we cannot live without them